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Red Sic
Red Sic



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We utilize one of two methods when creating your custom garments, after we personally draw/design your image.

First method, using a laser toner which prints your image on a clear film which then gets married to a bonding agent. It is then heat pressed onto your garment and resealed with parchment paper. This is not an iron-on. It is FAR more durable. This method is best used for full color art, photos, and designs with art effects, like glows and shadows.

The second method, we contour cut your design out of colored soft vinyl and apply with a heat press. This method is best for single or duo color and/or specialty designs where you really want it to pop!

Nowicked Transfer

We've only recently jumped into the world of laser engraving and are very excited to do something most other custom shops do not.

We have a diode laser etcher/cutter capable of cutting through up to 1/4" wood, and engrave any metal except aluminium. It has a working area of 15"x15". Depending on the media you choose it may need to be stripped, sanded, painted, stained or clear coated before and/or after the engraving process. None of which we charge extra for!

Our list of products are short but we are constantly testing and trying new ideas and materials we want to offer!

Nowicked Laser
Nowicked Token


Here's a couple of homemade Facebook videos WE made to promote our little business!

To see more visit us on Facebook or Instagram and click on our video section!


Both born and raised in Buffalo NY, We (Candace and David) have been together for 25 years and married since 2015.  We always had a shared love of creativity; She with crafting, I with digital art.  So in 2017 with the love and support of our friends and family we were strongly encouraged to open Nowicked Custom Design from our home in South Buffalo and share our talent with those not wanting  the restrictions, the games, or the bad deals the other custom shops gave us and give you. Instead we put in the best effort you deserve.             So LET US PUT YOUR IDEAS IN COLOR!

Candace and David
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