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Most Common Questions Answered!

  • How do I pay for my order?

We use many secure P2P apps like Paypal, Venmo, and Cash app. For the old school method, We can arrange cash or check delivery/pickup. Last but least recommended, we can charge to a card  via phone. Whichever your the most comfortable with.

  • Whats the minimum quantity i have to order?

Unlike screen print or other custom shops, there is no minimum. Order just 1!

  • How long does it take to get my order?

From the moment of deposit or (optional) approval of proof, we typically ask for 2 weeks lead time to order blanks, prep your design and complete your order. Most orders do not take that long but the bigger the order the longer it may take, so leave yourself plenty of time if needed by a particular date

  • Once my order is ready, how do i get it?

1. You can pick it up, we are located in the South Buffalo/Caz Park area

2. If you are of reasonable distance from us we can deliver (free of charge!)

3. If you are much further away we will send it USPS ground within the US for the exact               amount it costs us.

  • What if i need to return?

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We cannot accept returns or exchanges UNLESS there was an error on OUR part. Before your final ordering you MUST make sure your sizes, design, spelling etc. are correct. We follow them to the letter. Upon request, We offer proofs (a digital render) of your end product for you to approve BEFORE we go to process it. This is to give you the opportunity to make sure you know what your getting and to double check your design(s) . We are not responsible for any errors on your end.

  • Do I need to make/create the design I want?

No! It would certainly speed up the process but its not necessary. If you found your desired image on the internet it helps to note the link or site so we can research and make sure its of the best quality. We can make, change, add, subtract to any design your thinking of. The only caveat is personal images like photos, make sure they are at the BEST possible resolution you will accept, there's only so much we can do to enhance the quality and resolution but we will try!

  • Are there bulk discounts?

Yes! But only for the SAME design, you can still choose as many colors/sizes/styles of mediums as you like in the same category (Apparel/Laser). Unless otherwise noted on the description, typically our discounts run 5%-10%-15%-20% every 5pcs until 25% off (the entire order). So for ex. if your order 5 of one design you get 5% off of those, but 2 of another design, those are still normal price

  • How many colors in my design am i allowed? / How big can you make my design?

As many colors as you want! Unlike screen print shops, a single color design costs the same as a full color photo!

For apparel, our maximum print area is roughly 11" x 17". Depending on the design we try to fill out as much space but also keep it proportional. It can be bigger upon request and for an extra transfer fee.

For laser engraving, our laser bed is 15" x 15"



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